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Welcome to the Wrong Side Of The River, a Rumble Fish fan site!

"Jeez, what takes Katie so long to update Wrong Side Of The River every time?!"

Looking at rushes on set, you can see Vincent Spano, Matt Dillon, Francis Coppola, Stephen H. Barum and S.E Hinton


"Every now and then, a person comes along, has a different view of the world than does the usual person.."

It is with a heavy heart that I want to pay tribute to Dennis Hopper's passing away.

He was one of my favourite actors from Rumble Fish and I greatly admired him for the way he started out in studio pictures alongside James Dean, rebelled against the Hollywood studios and becoming blacklisted.

Dennis was undeterred and ushered in the groundbreaking new Hollywood cinema, with a loud roar of motorbikes in Easy Rider, which he directed, wrote and starred in.

A true patron of the arts, Dennis was a photographer, a passionate art collector and a real inspiration to many, chairing an independent film festival in Vegas. Dennis was honoured with a Walk Of Fame Star a few months shortly before his death but he will always live on in such roles that he made his own and totally unforgettable. For me, his performance as the father in Rumble Fish ranks highly amongst other Dennis' classic scene stealer roles like Frank Booth in Blue Velvet.

On set of Rumble Fish, Dennis would rarely stick to the script, exasperating Francis Coppola to the point that Francis declared that he was not coming out of his Silver Fish trailer until Dennis started behaving.

His improvising can be seen in the Rumble Fish DVD's special features, notably using many takes to film the bar scene with Matt and Mickey.

Francis Coppola once stated: "I hire Dennis Hopper for the two per cent of brilliance, not the ninety-eight percent horseshit ". Dennis acknowledged this as a terrific way to describe himself.


In other news, on Sunday 27th June, Rumble Fish is having a rare London screening. It is showing at the Aubin Cinema in London at 1.30pm, before screenings of Francis Coppola's Tetro. Click the graphic below for more information or visit the Aubin Cinema's site


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